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Educational Ministry

Our Educational Ministry is essentially focused on helping those with prior convictions and are transitioning in society to a healthy career.

The adverse impact of incarceration, as we all know, possesses a lot of challenges to life;

1. spiritually

2. physically

3. materially

4. socio-economically

5. emotionally

6. and relationally after the individual is released from prison. 


This, coupled with the fact that our system is not contemporary on reentry programs necessary

for them to successfully make it back into society, secure gainful employment, and enjoy a decent livelihood as any other human being, mostly results in;

1. re-arrest

2. reconviction

3. and ultimately reincarceration.


In an effort to mitigate this burden and help individuals reenter and properly reintegrate into society, Christ The Lord Gospel Ministries, is committed to assisting in their spiritual growth and education to rebuild a life career, grounded in sound moral discipline and academics.


Your contribution of any kind pursuant to this goal is a seed sown into a life worthy of Christ's sacrifice.



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