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Our Pastoral Ministry fulfills the Purpose and Mission of CLG Ministries through:

  • Evangelism Ministries

  • Discipleship Ministries

  • Worship and Praise Ministries

  • Prayer Ministries



Our Pastoral Ministries feature four dimensions of the Christian devotional worship and love of God: Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship and Praise, and Prayer Ministries:


Evangelistic Ministries:

This is the Holy Spirit's act of restoring God’s originated intimate relationship with humanity through Christ. In God’s redemptive work, fallen human beings can only be reconciled to Him on His own terms and means through the gospel of Christ according to 2 Cor. 5:15-21, and as commissioned in Matthew 28:16-20.

CLG Ministries' evangelism activities are local, national, and international.


Discipleship Ministries:

This is the Holy Spirit’s act of transforming believers into the fellowship of the Godhead through the renewal of the mind in the Word. It is God’s purpose that the believer, in relationship with Him, experiences a spiritual growth that matures into Christ’s fullness. In pursuit of this course, our discipleship ministries locally, nationally, and globally bring believers into the fellowship of the Holy Spirit who drenches us in the Word and flows out of our hearts as rivers of living water, as we continue to grow in the word and yield to Him.


Worship and Praises Ministries:

Worship is our humble adoration of God for who and what He is. Praise is our joyful expression of gratitude and thanksgiving to God for His redemptive mercy and grace, abounding compassion and love, faithfulness, and longsuffering toward us.

The Holy Spirit inspires our hearts and souls to worship and praise God in truth and in spirit for who and what He is, and for all that He has done, is doing, and would do for us, others, and the entire world in spite of humanity’s ungratefulness.


Prayer Ministries:

Fundamental to the growth of CLG  Ministries is our “multiple-fronts prayer ministries”: This is our communication with God as a Person in which we pour out our heart into Him and listen to Him as He also pours His heart into and through us.


Our Prayer Ministries encompass the worship and praise prayer services; local, national, and global intercessory prayer; and corporate, family, and individual prayer where we lift ourselves up and glorify God as His living temple and sacrifice in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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